Window shopping in Beverly Hills

November 1, 2016




As many of you may admit, I’m also guilty of only shopping online sometimes. Even though online shoppings are easy and quick with no hassle, yet I’d like to think that there is still something nice about actually going into the boutiques as well. You can touch and feel the materials and most importantly you can try them on. One of the most common mistakes you make on online shops can be that merchandise you thought would be perfectly turned out to be not so perfect when it arrives. Whether it’s the size, materials or simply not what you’ve imagined the product to look.

At Rodeo Dr, there are something more than being exposed to beautiful and attractive, quality products but it’s the service. I believe being greeted by the shop employees, interacting with them and maybe getting free champagne is just as important as seeing and touching the actual products. As much as I love online shopping, sometimes I miss these real shopping experiences. P.S. I’m suckered for those boutiques’ shopping bags!



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