Weekend trip to Oxford

June 15, 2017

This weekend trip to Oxford was just beautiful! I always knew I have a soft spot for the countryside but never thought I’d love Oxford this much. Gorgeous panoramic view of the estate, nature and romantic early summer breeze made everything just perfect.

Because we rushed off to Bicester Village for a shopping spree, we didn’t get to spend that many hours here at Blenheim Palace, but there are so many ways to explore this gorgeous UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can take a tour of this monumental palace, shopping and restaurants are great too, nut my favorite part is to enjoy the stroll around 2000 acres of extraordinary landscape parkland and formal gardens.


While I was here, I felt as though I was in the world of “Downton Abbey” or “Sense and Sensibility.” (I’m suckered for those English period dramas!) In fact, many film productions had used this estate as their locations. What happened to my Mr. Darci?



ここにいる間、まるで「ダウントンアビー」やジェーン・オースティンの世界にいるよう!(私はイギリスのピリオドピースが大好きなのですw)実際に映画のロケーションとして頻繁に使われているのだそう。さてさて、私のMr. Darcyはいつやってくるのかしら?

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