Tuscan Villa

June 1, 2015

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Apples actually taste like an apple! It’s simply natural and delicious!

Pasta aisle at the local super market. Pasta world Italy, they have a whole different isle for dry pasta…!

さすがパスタ王国、イタリア!生麺のパスタだけでもこんなに沢山!これとは別に乾麺のパスタは違うアイルが設けられています。Ham and prosciutto. Enough said.

Aside from these, someone will actually slice ham and prosciutto right in front of you at the deli counter.

そしてハム。これ以外にもお惣菜コーナーでは目の前でスライスしてくれます。Best home made traditional Italian restaurant in Luciano! Her hand rolled pici was sooo good! Steak was also very tender and excellent! We all love her and call her Big Mama with love. Her food makes us all smile ☺︎


Practicing towards their festival.

Great food, amazing company in such a pleasantly peaceful villa. What not to love about Italy!




I’ve been insanely busy this month, I can’t believe it’s been almost a month since my last post!

Being crazy busy for me is a good thing because you work hard and you play hard, right?☺︎

This month, I was lucky enough to be invited to a friend’s villa in Tuscany where I got to enjoy some great food, relaxed and ate some more! Your waistline may expand a little but you should laugh all about it  because “Life is beautiful!” 🙂

My very limited, broken Italian learnt from my old job at an Italian restaurant may not be perfect but it definitely helps to make a difference in terms filling the distance amongst strangers. Even if you make mistakes in your grammars, it certainly makes you more personal and likable when you speak in their language wherever you are.  English maybe a global language and easier to communicate but it doesn’t mean it is expected from locals. I think you can at least try to learn a few words 😉 It may expand your horizon.


私にとって忙しいのは良いこと、you work hard and you play hardだから☺︎


イタリアはお友達がたくさんいて、いつかは訪れたいと思っていた国。ワインもご飯もおいしくて、リラックスできて、さらにまた食べて!w ウェストがちょっときつくなっても、その分笑って、Life is beautiful!で 🙂


To be continued onto a next post…


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