Tokyo: Best buys

August 4, 2016


Some of what I’ve purchased during this Japan trip.  Whenever I go to Japan, I restock my beauty products but also try new things that were mentioned by some of my favorites beauty bloggers.  There are also impulsive buys I couldn’t resist such as Doraemon or Madhatter facial masks too. LOL

Anyways here are my top 5 recommendations.

今回の一時帰国中に購入したものの一部をご紹介。日本に帰ると毎回ビューティー用品をリストック、そして人気のビューティーブロガーさんがお勧めする気になる商品を試してみることも。もちろん、ドラえもんやマッドハッターのマスクは衝動買いもありますが、、、w 日本は美容用品にしても、芸が細かいので薬局行くだけでも楽しい 🙂


No. 5

SHARENA eyelash glue.


Their glues come in black! Unlike the regular ones, you see around which comes in white. I don’t wear false eyelashes anymore than I use to, but this just makes total sense! I’ve always wondered why it had to come in white… Didn’t you ever had an experience where your false eyelashes get all too messy with white glues and too much black eye liners?? This glue can also be used to write a beauty spot! Must I try that one day 🙂 maybe for a Halloween?

シャレナ つけまつげ接着剤。最近はツケマをつけることもあまりなくなったけど、白いのりが半分くらい剥がれかけて、上塗りしたアイライナーのひどい自分の姿に驚愕したことはありませんか?だいたい接着剤、白である必要はあるのかしら?黒の接着剤があるって聞いて、目から鱗、いやむしろメイクセンス!しかも、この接着剤、その他の使い道としてつけぼくろにも使えるという、なんともスグレモノ!いつか試してみなくては!


The massage guasha from the Alternative.


You can massage your face, body, and neckline by using this curvy piece of ceramics.




The Silicon Mask Cover



Top 3 are all amazing for all the different reasons, but I found these silicon face cover masks surprisingly useful! When you put your moisture sheet masks, you have actually to lie down and rest for 10-15 minutes, but I get so impatient.  This cover mask is perfect for someone like me because it allows you to do things while you get your face moisturized! You vacuum, do dishes or take the trash out (maybe not. You don’t want to be seen wearing this. Your neighbor may call 911 because you look like Jason from Friday the 13th! Yikes!). I bought these on since I didn’t have time to go to Daiso stores (Dollar store), but apparently you can buy these for only 100 yen (approximately for $1)! I want to buy some more of these and give them out to my friends!



No.2 Fujiko MayuTint



I was recommending this product to everybody while I was in Japan! My sister, Yui bought it right away who also loved it! This tint allows you to have perfect eyebrows for 3 – 6 days without retouching. It’s nice not have to worry about your makeup especially when you are traveling. Even though you may not have your perfect eyeliners and mascara, you still look put together without looking overly done up. I will certainly buy this product again for sure.



No.1 Yuagari Suppin Powder




This powder allows you to give a natural look even when you are not wearing any makeup. Even when you are staying home all day and not wearing any makeup at all, you still have to wear your moisturizer and the sun block. Am I right? Times like that don’t you go to the restrooms and find your self super shiny or sticky from your high SPFs? Also at night when you put your expensive facial cream or body cream on and you feel too sticky you can’t get into your bed right away? This powder allows you to have this silky smooth feeling without looking too shiny and you go to sleep wearing this! And it’s only 1,600 yen! (approximately $16) not cute package mention a sweet package!


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