these days…

May 29, 2017

I was pretty aware of not being able to post anything lately, but I didn’t think it’s been a month! Things have been crazy busy in May. I have a tendency to focus on one thing and put everything on hold, especially when it comes to castings.

But for now… I’m taking in all these beautiful Peonies blooms and enjoy the beautiful weather.

My latest trend these days are: Pure Synergy, Camu Camu powder, and Tantris yoga. ( I will write you more about it later…)

Also I have so much to post from London which now seemed to be a bit out of date, but I promise you I will post more! Maybe I should do a 30-day challenge or something to keep me going… What do you think?



最近ハマっているもの:ピュアシナジー、カムカムパウダー、そして Tantris yoga. ( I will write more about it later…)



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