the Oscars throw back.

February 18, 2015


A few more days until the 87th Oscar night. I love awards season. Simply because there are many good films around that are worth watching.

I love the fact Wes Anderson’s “The Grand Budapest Hotel” is nominated for the best picture this year! My personal favorite was Eddie Redmayne in “Theory of Everything.” He was fantastic in “My week with Marilyn” too. Actor in a supporting role category seems like a toughest to choose since everyone was amazing. Personally it was really nice to see Edward Norton come back as someone who is cocky, humorous and charming.

As far as my personal Oscar experience goes, 2012 was my very first time being at the red carpet of the Oscars as an on-camera reporter for NTV’s morning show “Zoom-in!! SUPER.” It was incredible to see behind the scenes of Academy Awards live from the actual red carpet before all the stars make their appearances. I have yet to be inside of that Kodak theater.


今年はウェス・アンダーソンの「グランド・ブダペスト・ホテル」がbest pictureにノミネートされていて嬉しい。個人的には「博士と彼女のセオリー」のエディ・レッドメインが一押し。「マリリン7日間の恋」でも良かった彼。そのほか助演男優賞は選ぶのが一番難しそう。私的にはエドワード・ノートンのカムバックが嬉しかった。しかも、チャーミングかつ自惚れたブロードウェイの天才アクターという役所もぴったり。


P1000380 P1000385

Little did I know that back in 2014, it was going to be an epic Oscar night ever! As I’ve mentioned in my past post, I was working at this restaurant, still auditioning during day time. (Restaurant was also owned by Robert DeNiro) It was a rainy day in Los Angeles. Getting ready for work. Rocking my Henri Bendel’s rain boots. British would say wellington boots aka Wellies. (Something I learned from trip from England I wanted to use just because.) Quietness <selfie> before the storm. (of course I changed my shoes once I got to work!)

でもその経験をさらに上回る出来事が去年、2014年のオスカー。前のポストでも書いたように、当時はまだレストランでアルバイトしながらオーディションを受けていた。(このレストランはロバート・デニーロがオーナーの一人。)その日のロサンゼルは雨。仕事に行く前にHenri Bendel’sで買った長靴を入って、嵐の前の静けさセルフィー。(もちろんレストランに着いたら靴は履き替えたよ!)

IMG_8659 IMG_8666

As far as that night went, I was only told about certain actor’s private party in the back room and a few small parties. Other than that restaurant was open to public for a viewing party. Sunday night is usually mellow. We were expecting another fun relaxing Hollywood kinda Sunday night. As it turns out, it wasn’t a regular mellow Sunday night at all. The actor who had the back room reserved won the Oscar for Best leading actor that night. Patio was also bought out for another private party by Danish people who were nominated for the Best foreign language film. Also another strong film which won the best picture had a reservation which was about 10 people that ended up being 30~40 people. Guests included Hollywood’s super couple who has a few adopted children, Sherlock Holmes and a sexy German/ Irish actor to name a few…the phone calls I received that night included crazy famous musicians rep, actors PRs and tabloids, you name it. It was as Hollywood as it gets. And then this happened…!



No, it’s not souvenir Oscars from Hollywood Blvd. Turns out, we had about 13 Oscars that night!! I’ve interviewed so many Hollywood stars on red carpets and one on one press junkets but never seen this many movie stars in one place surrounded by actual Oscars! and is it just me? but there is something very private and basic human vulnerability about eating. It was chaotic and dramatic at the same time. Seeing your favorite actors walk by celebrating their wins, getting happier and ended up putting their Oscars in the bar display was definitely something to remember. What an epic night, indeed.


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