Stroll around London ②

July 20, 2015

Walking around Marylebone high street area one afternoon in late May. Stopped at Daunt Books and this place instantly became one of my favorite spots.

From outside it look like an ordinary bookshop but wait until you see the long oak galleries with elegant skylights where they have all the travel gallery books.

p.s. they have extremely cute and classic eco bags here too 🙂


p.s. ダウントブックショップのエコバッグは書店の絵が書いてあって、とても可愛いので、おみやげなどにもオススメです。


Address: 83 Marylebone High St, London W1U, United Kingdom

Famous La Fromagerie London

Address: 2-6 Moxon Street, London W1U 4EW, United Kingdom
We didn’t really have time to stop by but definitely next time!

For me it is so much fun just to walk around the city of London. The way they are coping to live with the old and the new in a very tasteful yet edgy way. It never gets old just by walking around staring at the architectures and shops surrounded in beautiful green of nature.


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