Sky Garden

September 14, 2015

The exclusive setting of London’s highest public garden offers this spectacular 360 view of the city. As they limit the number of people going up to 35th floor, you need to plan ahead and make reservation in advance but most importantly it is…free!

I was very impressed by their well designed public garden and the view but I must say I was really happy to recognize some of the famous landmarks of London which I got to visit over the year. Tower of London, tower bridge, the Shard, London eye and St Paul’s Cathedral etc. It’s all because of my friends who had taken me to these spots. So grateful 🙂

ロンドンで最も高いパブリックガーデン、Sky Gardenはロンドン市内 360度を独占できる場所。人員制限をするので事前に計画を立てて、きちんと予約をしないと入場できないけれど、何よりも嬉しいのは入場料がタダ!


20 Fenchurch Street, London EC3M 3BY, United Kingdom
+44 333 772 0020


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