Shoreditch, London

June 14, 2017

I know I failed my 30-day challenge pretty miserably on my day 8! LOL.
Half way through, you start wondering why did I ever start this stupid challenge now?! But I also learned that if I post daily, my blog post would be very similar to the Instagram posts. Anyway, I also learned that I should have a set routine to write and be consistent. Even though my challenge may be over, I will keep pushing myself to post more often as possible.

So today, I want to write about one of my favorite area in East London, Shoreditch. I may have posted some pictures in the past, but Shoreditch is an inner city district in the historic East End of London and modern Central London, lying immediately to the north of the City of London. (wiki) People say Shoreditch is a lot like downtown Los Angeles; it’s yes and no. I can see why people have said that and maybe some parts of arts district in downtown LA may give you a similar feel to the Shoreditch. Where art, food, and culture is exploding organically. Still, when I think about Shoreditch and downtown Los Angeles (arts district), it is a two different thing. Plus downtown Los Angeles is so spread out and massive.

When you are in Shoreditch, best to place to look for visual inspirations are its streets. I recommend you walk up to Shoreditch from Brick Lane to take in some of the area’s most creative murals.

Since there are so many vintage shops in Shoreditch, you can also find one of a kind vintage clothing. My favorites are Blitz and Hunky Dory Vintage.

And don’t forget to get one of the best fish & chips in London at Poppies Fish & Chips!


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