Shopping antiques

June 5, 2017

I love antique shows, flea markets, and good old yard/ garage sales. As I mentioned in the past, maybe it has something to do with my parents dragging me to these events as a kid. At the time I used to hate it and thought why do we want to buy all these smelly old things, but now I love going to these places and find a unique, one and only piece. I think layering vintage over new gives a certain touch of style and warmth to your style.  The Same thing can be said about fashion as well.

Sunbury Antique Market in Kempton, it was somewhere I’ve wanted to go for a long time. According to some of the tips, you would want to be there ideally at 6:30 am or arrive early in the morning, so you can meet the dealers and get the good stuff. Well, my friends and I who are not a big fan of early mornings got there at 10 am.   There are so much to see, and by the time you explored the outdoor market,  some of the vendors indoor have already started packing things up.  We still enjoyed strolling around the market next to a large horse racing track and found small pieces to take home. Plus my suitcase was already filling up; I couldn’t take the antique furniture back to America, could it?

Anyways I had such a lovely time there and wished to return very soon. Hopefully, I can be up early next time!


ケンプトンにある、Sunbury Antique Marketは有名で前々からずっと行きたかった場所。アドバイスによるば、理想は朝6:30から行ってディーラーの人と直接やりとりしながら、良いものを仕入れるのがコツみたいです。ただ私もお友達も朝が弱くて到着したのは朝10時ごろ。とにかく見るものがたくさんあって、屋外のマーケットを見て回って、室内に移動する頃にはすでにベンダーの人たちも帰る支度をし始めていたました。それでも競馬場の横にある大きなマーケットを歩いて見て回って、思い出に残る小物たちも手に入れて十分楽しめました。それに欲しいなー、と思う家具やらディスプレイなどはスーツケースに収まりきらないので、アメリカに持って帰ることになると結局送料だけでも高くついてしまいます。

どちらにしても、とても楽しいひと時を過ごせた、ここSunbury Antique Marketへはまた近い将来ぜひ来たいです。その時は今度こそ早起きできますように!w

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