Rainy season in Japan

July 6, 2017


A quick trip to Japan. I haven’t been back in Japan during the rainy season for years now. I forgot how hot and humid it could be. It is so mushy and humid; your jeans get dense and moist which sticks around your legs. If you ever go to Japan around this time, I recommend you to bring flowy skirts or linen pants or shorts.

Also just as I landed in Japan and taking a train ride into the city, people kept staring at me like I’m an alien. Later I learned that my V-neck cut out too deep and I was wearing sunglasses. I’ve forgotten how conservative Japanese people have dressed and only people that wear sunglasses in Japan were celebrities. Again, I felt like an alien. LOL.

In any case, I got to see Mt. Fuji and enjoyed the hot springs every day and night while I was there. (Hotsorings that uses water from Fuji five lakes around the area is so dewy and heavely!) Also made new friends with great people. Most importantly my work/mission was successfully executed and that everyone went home happy 🙂

弾丸トラベル to Japan. 梅雨の日本は本当に何十年ぶりだろう…。あんなにも暑くて湿気があることをすっかり忘れていました。湿気でジーンズが重く、足に絡みつく、もしも梅雨の時期に日本に行くことがあればフローウィーなスカートかリネンの短パンかパンツを持って行くことをお勧めします。



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