Post cards from Florence, Italy

June 18, 2015

As you can see from my very first photo, Florence Cathedral was grande and breathtakingly beautiful but with tons tourists. You get pushed around just to snap a picture.  Maybe because I’ve been in the countryside of Tuscany for too long, I was so overwhelmed by the size of crowd trying to get their selfies in front of the Cathedral.

After I get back from the trip, I found this article my boyfriend saved me from December. It was a travel section of the Sunday Times which talks about experiencing your own Renaissance in the ultimate art city, Florence.

The way this article starts: Do Florence the wrong way and it’s crowded, stressful and hot. Do it right, though, and it’s a dream. All that art, all that architecture, all that Tuscan cooking…all you need is a plan. Written by Vincent Crump.

He was absolutely right. I wish I read this article before the trip 😛   Although we did manage to see things around Florence without much of a plan and having a few meetings to go to.  Also one thing we did right according to Mr.Vincent Crump is that we went during Spring time. I can only imagine what it’s like during Summer time!

Now that I read this article, my plan for next time I visit Florence include going to Medici Chapels and Galleria dell’Academia.



記事の冒頭はこう始まります:「間違った形でフィレンツェに行くと、とにかく混んでいて、ストレスがたまり、そのうえ暑い。でもちゃんとすれば、夢のようだ。あのアート作品に、建築、そしてトスカーナの料理などなど、、、。そのために一番重要なのはきちんとしたプランだ。」Vincent Crump

このVincent Crumpさんの言うことは大正解。この記事を今回の旅の前に読んでおかなかったことを後悔しつつも、ちゃんとした計画をしなかったうえに、いくつかのミーティングに参加しなければいけなかったことを考えれば、いろいろ観れたほうだと思う。 またこの記者さんアドバイスによる、私たちが唯一した正しかった行動は、春に行けたこと。なぜなら、フィレンツェの夏の暑さは今から想像しただけでも凄まじいそうだから。

今この記事を読み返し、また今度フィレンツェに行く機会があれば、絶対 Medici ChapelsとGalleria dell’Academiaに行くことはすでに私の中でマストです。

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