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March 19, 2017

After talking about my struggle to write my blog posts, I fee a little better and clear about things. Solutions to my concerns are I should just keep writing whatever I can at my own pacing.

On a different note, I’d like to talk about how I find great humor in these English packaging today. Every time I find these individual sushi wrapped in plastics, it reminds me of Japanese erasers! (FYI I’ve never seen these plastic wrapped nigiri sushi in Japan. Only ones you can find are rice balls, and maybe some temaki styled sushi.) Even though these chain stores don’t do Japanese quite right, but after a few weeks staying in England, a warm katsu curry makes you right at home!

Also, these Japanese-style chocolate sticks tho! We call them “pocky” or “pepero” (from a different brand ), but I love their world of choice to call them “MIKADO” which is old school way of calling an “Emperor.” So what does MIKADO King become? LOL

I posted the bottom one on my instagram but this snack reminds me of a Japanese comedian’s video “Apple-pen” who was featured by Justin Bieber and became a huge sensation in Japan.

Overall, I just love these English choice of names and use of their dark humors.



あとはイギリスのスーパーで売っている、このポッキー的なお菓子。これはロッテ商品ではありませんが、アメリカの韓国系スーパーで見かけるポッキーの名称は「ペペロ」 それにしても「帝」とは、そのセンスさすが!と言わざるを得ません。ということは「ミカドキング」はどれだけっていうw

あと一番下はインスタにも書きましたが、日本で流行したピコ太郎さんのアッポーペンビデオを連想させるようなピ、ピ、ピックアップ ア ペンギンがちょっと面白かった。


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