Jungle Fever – Master Cleanse Day ① –

October 27, 2015


For a change, let’s talk about diet today.

Because I’ve always been small boned and petite, I’ve never been on a real diet before. (No, it’s not a brag, please read on.) It will be a lie if I said I never needed to go on a diet but I’ve always eaten and drank what I want, when I felt like it. I don’t go to the gym and exercise, my only work out is occasional hiking and walking my dog twice a day. Luckily I also don’t have that much ups & downs with my weights, when I do it’s usually before my period but I always thought, hey, a woman can use little curve! and never cared much…..UNTIL I turned a certain age.

It’s not an exercise but one of the things I love doing is going to Korean Spa (if you haven’t already you definitely should! My favorite is Crystal Spa in LA Korea town.) to relax and really sweat it out but also to observe the other women’s figures from different age range (not in a perverted way!) . Some tall, short, skinny, fat, young to older people, everybody is different and right now I can tell that my body is very fertile. I don’t think I’m fat but definitely rounder, that’s for sure. As much as I love my new curvy body, certain parts of body needs to be tightened up a bit.

So I’ve been taking pilates classes and today I decided to go on my annual Master Cleanse. Master Cleanse used to be purely for the detox reasons for me but I don’t mind loosing some Porkolt now! lol

The key to staying on Master Cleanse is to choose your timing VERY wisely. You don’t want to start your cleanse process when you have a schedule full of lunch or dinner meetings. You will end up sipping on your organic herbal tea while your friends eat french fries and burgers in front of you!

Another tip I can give you is to stay positive and motivated. I know it sounds easy but this is very difficult since you are not taking any processed food and only tasting the same lemon flavor, you might get some headaches or be emotionally unbalanced as your body is trying to get rid of all the toxins. But remember,  you will feel much more energized after this. Also while you sip on your herbal tea, it is very helpful to meditate and relax. I often write my gratitude lists on my diary.

Starting your cleanse with some friends may help you stay motivated, this way you can’t bail out!

It’s really tough when you see beautiful food pictures on instagrams and TVs but you will get healthy, glowing skin and most importantly sleep better! I highly recommend it!



またエクササイズではないけれど、私はコリアンスパが大好きで、たまにリラックスと汗をかくために行くのですが、(まだ行ったことのない方はぜひ。私のお気に入りはロサンゼルスのコリアタウンにあるCrystal Spa!)、そこでの楽しみ?の一つは、人間観察すること。(変態な感じじゃなくてね。w)背の高い人から、低い人、痩せている人、太っている人、若者から年配の方など、いろいろな女性の体型がみれて、みんな違うんだなーとしみじみ思うのです。そんな自分の体型を鏡で見るとき、特にここ最近の私はとにかく肥えてるw。肥えてるって肥満というよりも、身体が妊娠の準備ができてますよ、という肥え方。自分でも太っているとは思わないけれど、以前より確実に丸みを帯びているのは確か。カーヴィーなボディは女性らしくて素敵だなと思う反面、締めるところは締めないといけないな、というところまで来た、そんな気がする今日この頃です。






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