Detox life

November 3, 2016


Your detox period can be described as just “boring.”

You will be surprised how much time we spend eating, preparing and thinking about meals on a day to day basis.

Also, the action of “eating” itself is at our core, we all need to consume food and turn them into energy. It’s pretty obvious, but when you go on a fasting routine, simple things like that makes you think how fortunate we are. Sometimes we forget that we have refrigerators full of food, hot water running, and rooms full of so many things.

Another thing I strongly thought after this detox experience was because we live in such a consuming society, I have to be more careful about what I consume, put on my skin and things I buy. I’d rather surrounding myself with more quality.

For those interested in fasting, I highly recommend it. First day or so, you feel weak, and you may regret doing this, but over time, it will give you the clarity you never had while drinking more than 3 cups of coffee or 3 glasses of wine a day! (Also you can sleep so deeply, you have no idea!) You certainly have to carefully plan ahead and be strong not to fall off the wagon because the world is filled with temptations!



私は断食するときはMaster Cleanseというレモネードダイエットをします。体重もさることながら、いろいろな日常から少し離れリセットする目的でやることが多いです。例えばコーヒ、お酒やシュガーなどなど。








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