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July 30, 2015




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Today, I would like to talk about Consignment shops.

Past three years or so, I’ve been doing this closet detox. Going through your closet one by one, making sure if you still adore those pieces and asking yourself if they still belong in your closet. Once you hit thirty, you actually don’t need tons and tons of different pieces of clothing. All you need is a few elegance key pieces.

When you do actually go through your closet, you start to wonder “How come I have all these craps stored in my closet??” and “how much money have I spent on these piles and piles of clothing??” It was a long process but now my closet is down to 1/3 of what it used to be. (Still a lot left!)

Back when I started this whole detoxing process, I was hoping I can get a closet make-over from a scratch but that’s a dream of a dream. So back to reality and try to either sell, recycle or donate things you no longer needed. Great thing is in America, you can find good organizations to donate or consignment shops fairly easily.

You have no idea, how many bags of clothes I’ve brought in to these consignment shops to sell. Often times I went home with exactly same bags as I came in. They simply tell you “We actually didn’t find anything that we wanted from your pile.”  You feel so embarrassed and almost  wanted to hate this girl who went through your bags, blaming her that was wrong and not my taste or trend level.

Anyway through all this experience, I learned important lessons about purchasing something new, letting go of things you no longer need and maintaining my closet size.

Now I ask myself twice, maybe three times sometimes five times before I make a purchase. This goes to anything. I don’t need that many things in my life to feel happy. I’d rather have something really nice that I can cherish for a long long time.

Buying is so easy today with a swipe of a card but you also tend to lose a sense of actually purchasing. Also something I want to emphasize too is that you don’t have to break your bank to look great. If you are a smart shopper, you can use your brain to find that perfect piece. As much as I like fine high-end brands, I find a joy in finding some hidden gems in sale wagons, vintage shops or consignment shops.

One of my favorite is Crossroads trading co.

The black American Apparel skirt I’m wearing in the picture above with my neon Manolo Blahnik was $12.

I also just bought a pair of unworn Stuart Weitzman wedge sandals which was half off and was $21.50!

Black dress I wore in Barcelona was from Banana Republic and was only $20!! (it was NWT)

Best buy ever was a new with tag from Barneys New York (original tag says $255!), Timo Weiland skirt for only $16.50!!!

As a proud Japanese, I’m happy to hear about Queen of organizing , Mariko Kondo aka KONMARI and her book “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying: A Simple, Effective way to Banish your Clutter Forever” doing so well here in America and overseas.

She also mentions in her method too but I say “thank you” or kiss them good-bye to the ones you let go of.  Just like doing a cleanse detoxing, it makes you feel much lighter and clearer than ever.










私の好きなコンサイメントショップの一つはLAに数店舗ある、Crossroads trading co

以前のポストでネオンのマノロブラニクと一緒に合わせて着ていた黒い、American ApparelのスカートはCrossroadsで$12.

先週買った、未着用のStuart Weitzmanのウェッジサンダルは半額で$21.50!

バルセロナで以前着ていた黒いドレスは Banana Republicの新品タグ付きで$20!!

そして今までCrossroadsで買った一番は、Barneys New Yorkのタグ付き(もともと$255!) Timo Weilandのスカートはなんと$16.50!!!

ちなみに今アメリカでも人気の片付けコンサルト、近藤麻理恵さん、aka こんまりさん、(日本人として嬉しいですね。)が実践しているメソッドにも出てきていましたが、私も捨てたり、ドネーションで寄付するときは”Thank you”とか「ごめんね。」とか声をかけるようにしています。また、ジュースなどのクレンズでもそうですが、クレンズし終わったあとの心身は軽く、以前よりももっとクリアに見えるようになっていると思います。みなさんも、ぜひ♡

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