Birthday Blues

July 23, 2015

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So I’ve been having Birthday blues for the past few days or weeks. lol. As much as I feel young and keep reminding myself “it is just a number,” yet it is no longer that HAPPY to turn a year older. I keep repeating myself a Yoko Ono’s famous quote about aging :

“Some people are old at 18 and some are young at 90…Time is a concept that humans created.”

Another quote I saw in the magazine recently and I really like is by one of my actress Maggie Gyllenhaal:

“In your twenties, you have a fantasy of who you are suppose to be. My thirties, so far, have been about letting go of that.”

I don’t know what future holds for me but so many things have been happening and I can feel this shift in myself. They say “you create your own destiny.”

Life throws you curve balls here and there and it’s not at all what you want it to be sometimes. But I believe if you keep having dreams, humbly accepting opportunities and keep challenging with all your best, you might be able to become one of those funky, cool grandma someday.

I just hope I can accept and cherish who I am, who I will become when I’m wrinkly and older then be able proud of myself. Cheers!

Leni xxx










These photos were taken by renowned photographer Mr. Ross Halfin at London WORX studio. 

Also big thank you to Kaz. H for retouching them. Big thank you to both of you!xx

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