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March 16, 2017

I know I’m saying this every year (or every post…) but can you believe it’s already March?!!!!! There are too many things to do and not enough time.  Maybe I have time management issues. When things get too busy, it’s so hard for me to juggle with my work, social media, and blogging. I’m just not a juggling type I guess… I don’t know how these so-called influencers do it every day. I’m sure they are no longer coming up with contents, shooting materials and actual posting everything by themselves anymore but still, I’m always impressed with them.  I seriously need to find a solution to better organizing my blog routines.

In my old blog, I used to post casual things such as “This is what I found at blah blah shop” or “I’m really into this new blah blah cleanse routine” etc. along with pictures that were taken with my phones for the most part. Unlike my renewed blog (which is this blog), it was simple and casual with no expectations. Maybe I’m trying too hard to write like these bloggers and influencers or come up with contents that are unique and original.

For me, one of the biggest obstacles that I face is with NDAs. Within the last few years, everything in the entertainment industry, both commercials, and theatricals have gotten very strict with non-disclosure agreements, which means I can’t talk about anything related to acting. This takes away a big part of who I am and what I do and makes my blog not personal.

Also, I’ve been writing in both English and Japanese which takes some time, and the most time-consuming process of them all out of a blog posting routine has to do with the pictures. First the shooting, then downloading, selecting, color correcting, touch-ups, resizing, and uploading, etc., etc. Anyway, I felt like sharing my thoughts about blogging today. I feel like there are too many sparkles and unicorns on “how to blogs.” and that’s fine too. It takes time, will and actions to make these blogs and vlogs but this whole routine and process make me wonder why I blog.




それ以外では英語と日本語と両方で書いているので時間がかかってしまうこと。そしてブログをする上で一番時間がかかるのが写真にまつわること、すべて。まずは撮影、そしてダウンロード、セレクション、微調整、リサイジング、アップロードなどなど。と、まぁちょっと最近ブログについてのモチベーションが下がっているというか、忙しくてちょっぴり面倒臭くなっているのとか、色々モヤモヤしてしまっている、そんな今日この頃です。世間にはブログに関するhow to をたくさん見かけますが、どれもキラキラしていて(私はそこまで必死になれるだろうかと思いながらも)それはそれで良いと思うのです。だって、ブログもビデオを編集してアップロードするのだって時間と意志と行動がないとできないわけですから。でも、ふっと思うのです、これが私のやりたかったブログなのかな、と。

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